A note from the President: Activism for All Women

This year at the women’s march, I met a 12-year old and her mother, who attended the equal pay workshop where I spoke. Rowen, the daughter, stated that she came to the workshop because she wanted to close the pay gap. In fact, she wanted to see it closed by the time she was 15 and able to work a part-time job. At that point, I turned to the participants and said, “We’ve got three years to get this done.”

If you chuckled at that, or even if you scowled at the improbable reality (no judgement!), you realize the work it will take to close the gap. You are not alone. In fact, another mother-daughter duo attended the workshop, and I brought my daughter and her friend. It was as if we all tacitly agreed that our tweenage daughters needed to know about this even before they can legally work. Awareness is the place to start.

Taking action, however, presents some of the greatest possibilities for change. This spring, the branch will offer and co-host dynamic programming so that you have the right tools, inspiration and opportunities to take action.

  • On February 22 at the Members’ Meeting, the conversation will focus on branch leadership, branch activities in the community and advocacy skills. (Yes, please bring a friend!)
  • In March, the MTSU National Women’s History Month will focus on the theme “She Persisted.”
  • Grab your best friends and head to Women’s Day on the Hill in Nashville on Wednesday, March 14 to advocate for the Tennessee Pay Equality Act.
  • CEO of AAUW, Kim Churches will join us on here in Murfreesboro at the 2018 AAUW State Convention on March 16 and 17, which focuses on Keep Marching: Activism for All Women.
  • Be at the Tea! The 2018 Equali-TEA takes place on April 10, 2018, which is Equal Pay Day. We highlight Title IX at the Tea this year.

2018 is also an election year. Take a look at the election cycle schedule. Getting out to vote AAUW issues can make a decisive difference this year. County primaries take place on May 1, and federal and state primaries take place on August 2.  In the fall, we will conduct voter registration for students on the MTSU campus prior to the general election.

As you prepare for tax season, be sure to make the time to meet with elected officials who make decisions about your tax dollars, your safety, your healthcare decisions, and your pay gap.

Frequently, when I am looking for inspiration I consider the words of wisdom by Diane Nash, a Chicagoan who relocated to Nashville in the 1960s to attend Fisk University and who was one of the leaders of the lunch counter demonstrations. She said, “People are never the enemy….Issues and attitudes are….When you change yourself the world has to fit up against the new you.”

So here’s to the new you, and the activist in all of us!

Dia Cirillo
President, AAUW Murfreesboro

Now accepting nominations for the AAUW of Tennessee NCCWSL scholarship

AAUW’s own National Conference for College Women Student Leaders (aka NCCWSL, pronounced “nick whistle”) is a two-and-a-half-day conference designed to enhance the leadership skills of college women and to promote effectiveness in their work on campus and in their community. NCCWSL will be held May 30-June 2, 2018, at the University of Maryland, College Park.

AAUW Murfreesboro is currently accepting nominations for the AAUW-TN annual NCCWSL scholarship award. The individual elected by the Murfreesboro branch is submitted as our nominee for the Tennessee state scholarship. If AAUW Murfreesboro’s nominee is awarded the AAUW-TN scholarship, AAUW Murfreesboro will contribute an additional $200 in travel funds on top of the cost of registration paid for by the state.

Your nominee should be an undergraduate student with some leadership experience, strong potential for growth in leadership, and good communication skills. The student must also be able to attend NCCWSL upon receipt of the scholarship.

Nominations will be accepted through January 15. Visit the NCCWSL page to learn more about how you can submit a nomination.

Statement on #MurfreesboroLoves

AAUW Murfreesboro has been leveling the playing field for women and girls to work and learn since 1913. National AAUW has been in existence since 1881, and AAUW of Tennessee has existed since 1926. Our role is simple: We bring people together for the common goal of breaking through educational and economic barriers for all women and girls.

AAUW Murfreesboro endorses #MurfreesboroLoves, a coalition of organizations and citizens working against hate. #MurfreesboroLoves is coordinating a day of non-violent, community action at Barfield Park Pavilion 7 on Saturday, October 28th beginning at 11 AM.

Local news outlets have been reporting on white nationalist organizations that are scheduled to march on the square on Saturday, October 28th. These are the very same organizations that marched in Charlottesville, VA in August.

AAUW Murfreesboro believes that hate has no home in Murfreesboro. We vehemently denounce all racist ideologies and organizations. We advocate on behalf of the policies and laws that our nation has adopted to ensure the full rights and freedoms of women, Black Americans, religious expression, immigrants and the LGBTQ community. Further, we view the use of violence and intimidation as anti-democratic, for they can erode the very fabric of our society.

We invite our members and friends to join us and #MurfreesboroLoves on October 28th at Barfield Park Pavilion 7 at 11 AM to take a stand against hate.

Other events being coordinated by #MurfreesboroLoves include:

Boro Loves Fun Run & Potluck Breakfast
Hosted by Fleet Feet Murfreesboro and sponsored by #MurfreesboroLoves
Saturday, October 28 @ 7 AM – 9 AM
544 N Thompson Ln Ste C

#MurfreesboroLoves Concert at Puckett’s
Featuring Lisa Law & the Suspects, Addicental Trio, and Jake Leg Stompers
Sunday, October 29 @ 5:30 PM – 8:30 PM
114 N Church St

Downtown Shopping Day
Hosted by #MurfreesboroLoves in support of downtown businesses who will lose business on the day of the rally
Saturday, November 4 @ 10 AM – 6 PM
Public Square

For more information contact:
Dia Cirillo, President, AAUW Murfreesboro