Eliminate the Salary History Question

Call to Action: Eliminate the Salary History Question

Although the world has temporarily slowed down, we cannot.

With the legislature on hold, we have an unprecedented opportunity to flood the committee members’ mailboxes with support for AAUW-TN’s Eliminate the Salary History question bill (HB 2545). HB 2545/SB 2641 calls for the elimination of salary history questions from job applications. Questions concerning salary history routinely keep women in lower-paying positions than what their skills and the current market rate indicate.

Making significant changes to help level the playing field for women and girls is why many of us joined AAUW. This is our opportunity to do just that on the state level.

Getting HB 2545 out of the Employee Affairs Subcommittee was HUGE. Our Public Policy team has been working hard for over two years on this legislation and the response to our first CALL to ACTION resulted in about 50 emails to the subcommittee. This helped enormously, but we must have at least 100 emails/phone calls to get the same respect from the Consumer and Human Resources committee.

Please accept the challenge of getting 5 (or more) of your contacts to support our bill by sending our message to all 13 members of the Consumer and Human Resources Committee.

The message is already drafted, we are not soliciting a donation nor are we collecting address information. It’s so easy, just click on the link, add your name (and personal note, if you would like) and send. Yes, you have to do it 13 times, but this legislation can eliminate a discriminatory practice and level the playing field for all Tennessee job seekers, especially women.

We can’t do this without your support and willingness to take Action.

Call or email the below legislators and let them know you support HB 2545 for the economic security of women in Tennessee. Clicking the email address will provide you with a template email that you can send as-is or edit as you see fit.

Rep. Joe Towns, Jr., 615-741-2189 rep.joe.towns@capitol.tn.gov

Rep. Mike Sparks, 615-741-6829 rep.mike.sparks@capitol.tn.gov

Rep. Ron Travis, 615-741-1450 rep.ron.travis@capitol.tn.gov

Rep. Lowell Russell, 615-741-3736 rep.lowell.russell@capitol.tn.gov

Rep. Barbara Cooper, 615-741-4295 rep.barbara.cooper@capitol.tn.gov

Rep. Mark Cochran, 615-741-1725 rep.mark.cochran@capitol.tn.gov

Rep. Dwayne Thompson, 615-741-1920 rep.dwayne.thompson@capitol.tn.gov

Rep. Clark Boyd, 615-741-7086 rep.clark.boyd@capitol.tn.gov

Rep. Rush Bricken, 615-741-7448 rep.rush.bricken@capitol.tn.gov

Rep. Charlie Baum, 615-741-6849 rep.charlie.baum@captiol.tn.gov

Rep. Bob Freeman, 615-741-0709 rep.bob.freeman@capitol.tn.gov

Rep. John B. Holsclaw Jr., 615-741-7450 rep.john.holsclaw@capitol.tn.gov

Rep. Harold Love Jr., 615-741-3831 rep.harold.love@capitol.tn.gov